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any advice for a teen who wants info on sex & birth control but doesn’t know how to ask at an appointment because mom or dad is always in the room? -anonymous

When I see kids 12 and up, I always ask the parent to leave the room briefly for this very reason. I’ve found that even teenagers who aren’t doing anything their parents would disapprove of are still embarrassed to ask questions to their parents or in front of them. I’ve had teenagers ask about bullying, cutting, sex, birth control, STDs, drugs, etc in these brief private encounters.

If your doctor is not one who regularly does 1-on-1 interviewing with teenagers, maybe ask your parents if they will wait in the waiting room and allow you to go in alone to show them that you are mature enough to go it alone at the doctor’s.

Another option would be to call ahead to your doctor’s office, explain the situation, and request that the doctor ask your parents to step out so that you don’t have to ask them yourself. 

Depending on your state and your age, you may be allowed to make an appointment on your own anyway and go without your parents. I assume that you don’t drive, though, anon, because you state that your parents are always with you at visits. A driver’s license does afford you a bit more freedom. 

In the meantime, here are some good resources about sex and types of birth control. 

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