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I am a family medicine resident who likes to highlight the hilarious in medicine as I write about patients, medical school, residency, medical missions, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

HIPAA is for reals, folks. All of my "patient stories" have been changed to protect patient privacy. I will change any or all identifiers, including age, location, race/ethnicity, sex, medical history, and quotes. Also, I am an anonymous internet person. Why should you trust an anonymous internet person to give you medical advice? Don't ask me, ask your doctor!
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Asker Anonymous Asks:
As a family physician, what are the top three most common ailments you have patients come in for? Also, what is the age group that you see most often in family medicine?
wayfaringmd wayfaringmd Said:

If we’re talking general adult medicine, then the most common things I see are:

  • Metabolic Syndrome (combo of diabetes, high blood pressure…a sneaky way to put 3 conditions into 1)
  • Joint pain - mostly back and knee
  • respiratory issues - colds, allergies, COPD, asthma
But if you want to add in women’s health, then vaginal discharge and pap smears are pretty high up there too. I’d say the majority of my patients are between 40 and 80, but I do see a pretty big range when you add in OB-GYN patients (teens-30s) and kids. For example, on my last clinic day I saw 12 patients with a pretty good “family medicine spread” of 3 OB, 2 kids, 1 well woman exam, and 6 adult patients with the typical metabolic syndrome / joint pain /respiratory issues constellation of symptoms. 
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