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HIPAA is for reals, folks. All of my "patient stories" have been changed to protect patient privacy. I will change any or all identifiers, including age, location, race/ethnicity, sex, medical history, and quotes. Also, I am an anonymous internet person. Why should you trust an anonymous internet person to give you medical advice? Don't ask me, ask your doctor!
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Ok readers, let’s test your powers of observation with a little photo quiz.

This picture was taken in which type of specialized clinic:

A. Adolescent Medicine

B. Podiatry

C. Sports Medicine

D. Diabetes Clinic

  1. femefatalis answered: C :)
  2. itsglitz answered: Definitely not podiatry. I’d secretly be jazzed if I had a tinea patient come in with sandals on instead of malodorous occlusive shoegear…
  3. sundayomissions answered: c
  4. ohwowitscandace answered: D
  5. anatomyoam answered: C
  6. arbitraryapertures answered: A
  7. spearfame said: C. Sports
  8. nonametk12 answered: Sports Medicine
  9. snitchseeker304 answered: C.
  10. missiari answered: A - the step stool is what catches my eye.
  11. nursingmonkeymomma said: Sports medicine
  12. rookiemed said: D
  13. justalittledoctor answered: It’s D! People with diabetes are more seemimgly to have edemas on their feet, so they tend to wear slippers.
  14. sa-r-ah answered: B
  15. goldroadtonowhere answered: C
  16. thekingoflegoland said: Sports medicine. Socks and sandals scream athlete.
  17. ramblingreality answered: C: sports medicine.
  18. popskyworld answered: sports medicine
  19. descantforhope said: sports medicine. Only athletes wear socks with adidas slippers.
  20. creatorlovingcreator answered: whatever the type of clinic, that clothing combination is an emergency…
  21. jasonwinsatlife answered: C
  22. red-hot-rebel answered: C. Sports Medicine
  23. icysugalemon answered: B
  24. myrockandmysaviour answered: A
  25. 302point5 answered: c
  26. theonewithallthehair answered: C
  27. thelearningcurves said: D
  28. sports-doc answered: B - looks kinda like hallux valgus on both feet.
  29. kisstrel answered: C!
  30. keemarhil answered: Diabetes Clinic
  31. medschoolmal answered: B
  32. ordinary-thought answered: A
  33. epsilonicus said: Lescent medicine
  34. epsilonicus answered: every podiatry office i’ve been in had exam chairs, not tables. ado
  35. bobatet answered: C
  36. s-tat said: Podiatry??
  37. lithiatedlemonsoda answered: B
  38. xxxcomplicationsxxx answered: c
  39. ashittyshittybangbang answered: Podiatry’s too obvious. That’s a child… And those COULD be compression socks… But socks with those Adidas sandals SCREAMS sports. C!
  40. kjbeeee answered: B; his right foot looks swollen.
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