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Ok folks, I know it’s disrespectful and all, but it’s a truth that many of us name our cadavers. My question is, what did you (or will you) name yours?

My favorite cadaver names were…

Ernest (AKA In Dead Earnest)

and Morty (Latin joke…)

  1. stephaniehe said: Not sure if this counts, but in our bio class we were dissecting fetal pigs. I named it the Hulk because of the green stains on his snout haha. I’ve also named our frog Frodo. Our fish was Poseidon le Poisson and our worm was Sir Wallace.
  2. healmybrokenness said: A classmate named hers George before realizing the cadaver was female, so she became GG for Grandma George :-)
  3. itsglitz said: Mildred.
  4. yourcraysisterinchrist said: My sister called hers Pickle…
  5. crazyridecalledlife said: Haven’t done cadaver anatomy yet, but I named our cat in A&P I pector meowlis. A little musculoskeletal humor.
  6. purplequeens said: My group suck at puns apparently, but in first year we called her Susie, and in second year we called him Teddy (he looked like he was a huggable guy back when he was alive)
  7. throughmymemorypalace said: Old Blue, haha! He helps us get through the day :p
  8. ninjatengu said: We named our cadaver Edgar. As in Edgar Allen Poe. Quite a morose fellow.
  9. cranquis said: My female cadaver was named Stiffanie. I LOVE md-admission’s Rick-Roll name! :)
  10. muchadoaboutannie said: In my anatomy class we’re dissecting pigs… Ours is Wilbur Franklin [insert last name of the guy in our group who was absent when we got the pigs]
  11. md-admissions said: Ours was Rick. So when we had to flip him over we “Rick-Rolled” him. ;)
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