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Hi ! hope you are having a good day during this hot summer but i have a question. I start classes at my community college in the fall and im majoring in liberal arts then i planned on finishing my Bach. at a uni by majoring in nursing ( and becoming a rn) then going to medical school to become a ob-gyn (my dream job) . But now by reading all of these blogs and such im very confused… am i doing the wrong thing or planning it wrong? help please and thanks for answering in advance.

Well, one person asked both me and thenotquitedoctor a similar question recently. I said nursing school was a great idea, but he brought up some very good points to consider.

Nursing school looks good in that it gives you lots of clinical experience.  However, pretty much everyone I know who went to medical school with a background in nursing actually worked as a nurse for a few years before going to med school, so they had several years’ worth of clinical experience to put on their application. That’s different than what you’d get from just going to nursing school. Plus, nursing clinicals don’t leave much time open for extracurricular activities, volunteering, and shadowing doctors. 

Going straight from nursing school to medical school may not be the greatest idea. Nursing programs don’t require all the classes that you need to be pre-med, so if you are a med school hopeful in nursing school, you’ll have to take extra classes.  It’s do-able, I’m sure, but why make your path any harder than it has to be? Pre med classes are hard enough as it is. Do you want to deal with that plus nursing classes?

Then you have to factor in trying to study for the MCAT while doing nursing clinicals (which would be rough). 

I can’t make your decision for you. Just weigh your options. Do you really want to be a nurse, or are you doing nursing school because you think it will look good on an application? 

I’ve said it before—don’t do anything because it will look good on an application. Do things that you are interested in. I tried to be a chemistry major because I thought it would separate me from the sea of biology majors applying to med school. But I HATED chemistry and I loved biology. When I switched majors, life got much happier. Don’t study something that you aren’t interested in using for the rest of your life (in case med school doesn’t pan out).

If you want to be a nurse, be a nurse. If you aren’t interested, find a different major.