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I am a family medicine resident who likes to highlight the hilarious in medicine as I write about patients, medical school, residency, medical missions, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

HIPAA is for reals, folks. All of my "patient stories" have been changed to protect patient privacy. I will change any or all identifiers, including age, location, race/ethnicity, sex, medical history, and quotes. Also, I am an anonymous internet person. Why should you trust an anonymous internet person to give you medical advice? Don't ask me, ask your doctor!
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  •  Your first night on 30 hour call image
  • Learning to be able to sleep almost anywhere.       image
  •    The post call shower (few feelings in life are as glorious as this). image
  • Coming to the realization that no matter how ugly they may be, Danskos are the jam when you’ve been standing for 18 hours.   
  •    The first time you get pimped and actually know the right answer. image
  •    Scrubbing into surgery for the first time. 
  •    Getting to suture a patient for the first time.              image
  •    Seeing a beating heart in surgery image
  •    The first time you feel the edge of a liver or spleen.      image
  •    The first time you find the cervix without asking for help image
  • The first time you hear a heart murmur less than a IV/VI  
  • The first time you discover a heart murmur on your own. image
  •    Seeing a baby born.                          image
  •  Taking off your heavy white coat at the end of the day.
  •    Sitting down, even if it’s on the floorimage
  • Turning in your beeper at the end of the year. 
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